How to Determine which SEM Company is the best for your Business

SEO is an important strategy, but it cannot give the kind of growth that is vibrant if used alone. It must be combined with other techniques, including search engine marketing. If you have an in-house team that has the proper training and skill to deliver great SEM campaigns, you are in luck. But, if you’re looking to hire external assistance in running your paid SEM efforts, you need to account for certain specific factors in order to ensure that you end up with the best solutions.

1.      Past experience

The results from a past campaign that the agency was involved in can give you a glimpse into their level of skill and efficiency. Find out what campaigns they have run in the past, what came out of them, the exact ROI, the methodology that was used and other information. While you may not be told everything because there are trade secrets within agencies, the results should speak for themselves.
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2.      Run a background check

Even after they give you past results, you still need to do your own research to find out what they are not telling you. A businessperson will always put his best foot forward – leading with the successes and downplaying the failures, but you need to have your own objective proof regarding their skills.
Search in online review forums to determine what past customers have said about them. If you see lots of negative feedback, you might want to steer clear of them. Determine also how genuine the comments are, and don’t put all your eggs in that basket. This is just a small part towards making the final call.

3.      Services offered

Search engine marketing is wide so you need to find out if they can provide all the services that you’ll need. It’s better to go for companies like Search engine marketing Fort Lauderdale that offer all-in-one solutions for consistency rather than hand different aspects to different companies. It will also likely be cheaper to deal with a single company. However, if they’re really good at the services they provide, don’t write them off because of one thing they don’t do.

4.      Methods of reporting

Getting information about schemes of reporting will be very important. The best is to have real-time reporting which enables you to adjust various aspects of the campaign according to how effective they are. On the downside, this could be time and resource-consuming. It’s important to know beforehand after how long you can expect results. For instance, you don’t want a company that will report just once after your campaign is through. What if it wasn’t the best strategy? You’ve blown your resources and received nothing in return.

5.      Pricing

Price is not the most important factor, neither is it the least. However, once you have weighed a few companies against the above criteria and have a nice list to go by, you should consider the prices that they are offering. Price is no guarantee for quality, so it’s not the most expensive company that’s necessarily the best. Just trust your gut and go with what the budget can allow.
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