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This is the first stage of the SEO process. This content itself is part of a system to do SEO in levels. So if you are a blog writer who is really a starter, I suggest to begin doing SEO content that in order to get the full image.

So let's begin from zero only. Let's say you have not got any weblog. Even if you already have some information of SEO, I wish you can ignore all of that first. Because of my experience, SEO concept befuddles them from there and from here it becomes a catastrophe for our weblog .... When you're ready, we just began with the first problem.

# 1 Selecting Material Exclusive Or Copy Paste?

This is the first problem when developing a weblog, which was to figure out whether we weblog it will fill the information original or copy insert. Dedication of SEO is quite essential for us later. If you decide on a weblog original content, SEO marketing can then more easily,because your content will be unique. Only problems of weblogs like this prevails on the actions of developing content ... because sometimes the blog writers are also operating out of concepts.
Determine Blog Site,blogs

Another case if you create a weblog with content copy. Copy and insert weblog very realistic because only copy content from other weblogs. But however SEO marketing can be very challenging. If the SEO marketing is conducted in the same way, then usually you have to publish the content up to 20 times more to get the same results ....

So if you want to develop a weblog copy, create sure you are persistent enough copying. Of course you blog writers who copy his work will not be satisfied, so at your own threat if it gets revealed to the DMCA and prohibited from the Search engines catalog. It is an extra chance of a replica insert weblog.

# 2 Selecting The Gado-Gado Or Blog Blog Industry Specific

This time we want to discuss the "topic" or generally known as by blog writer niche. This niche term itself is often used because it includes market segmentation. Thus the objective is to figure out its own subject sections of your website later. Errors could mean selecting a subject that is very filter.

Let's just say no a person's seen her weblog that brought up niche "free download" a millionaire.Then he thought desired to create a weblog with a niche market "How To Be effective Increasing Cattle".Very challenging for him expecting weblogs can be as effective as his weblog previously, because since the starting of the marketplace is much different. In the real world; far more individuals who do obtain every day than growing the livestock company.

But you should know, a weblog with a very large niche, also has a very high competitors. Thus it requires a very large SEO marketing to improve our weblog. So sometimes far better to decide on a niche market that meets our SEO abilities rather than selecting a niche market extremely large.

Would not it be better obtained a multitude of guests alone than not at all? Many blog writers who want to contend in the challenging subjects, but the capability marketing can only go through up to 3 webpages only. So the very first objective would get a large number of guests, even leading to very little visitors.

And what about the hodgepodge blog? Blog hodgepodge would require too large SEO marketing. Normally I would have problems evaluating the primary concept of the weblog mix, because modifications of search phrases that are too different. Therefore hodgepodge weblog needs more content, and each content must be marked according to the concept.

  • So up at this factor, the weblog if you want to make?
  • Original niche weblogs with ease?
  • Niche weblogs with original hard?
  • Original niche weblogs with gado-gado?
  • Duplicate with simple niche blogs?
  • Difficult to copy with a niche market blog?
  • Duplicate with niche weblogs hodgepodge?

Please observe that NICHE hodgepodge, CONTENT COPY and PASTE can improve the stage of problems in it all stage of SEO offpage later. My guidance, begin of the most convenient kinds of weblogs while ongoing to flourish the selection back-link friends and family perfected tracking abilities inbound links. The better your capability to find inbound links, then you can progressively improve to the next stage.

# 3. Choose Or Choose Brand Keyword

Whether it's a weblog that uses a particular niche or areas gado-gado, you should already have a plan from the starting. If your website has a particular niche, then figure out from the beginning what the primary search phrases and what search phrases helps. To research the problem of keyword and key phrase this in more details please research the content how to do market and keyphrase research .
create blog,make site

Meanwhile, if you are using a niche market weblog gado-gado, since the starting of the conversation figure out the sub-sub you would do, to be a label. Assume you create a information weblog, you can use sub-politics, law, superstar information, financial, technical, public, public, and so on as the type of your website.

# 4 Selecting A Name URL Homepage

Here a lot of blog writers who create the error of using domains for their weblogs carelessly. Though this sector address can be very beneficial in doing keyword and key phrase marketing.On the other side, for blog writers who put search phrases in the name of the URL must be mentioned that Search engines has done EMD criteria upgrade . bros should really pay interest to the quality of the information if you want to use a sector address that contains search phrases.

# 5 Use Own Domain Or Freebies?

Now suppose you have identified the type of weblog that you create. The next query is ... Do you want to use a 100 % free subdomain, or buy a compensated domain?

Perhaps you are puzzled about the advantages of each of these choices. If you want to use a 100 % free sector, of course you do not need to invest any cost. This is an choice many starter blog writers, who are still active testing with writing a blog globe.

So what are the advantages if using a compensated domain? There are two advantages: First, you are totally able to decide on a sector address that meets your website search phrases (this is very big impact in SEO points). The second: Blogs seem more expert and not just beginners who tried the exclusive globe.

The second factor is very essential for those who want to do on the internet company --- Do not use a 100 % free sector address for your internet company, because it really makes your clients feel. For those of you who are enthusiastic about using a compensated sector can research the content How to substitute blogger to my own sector .

Before anyone requests "why do you weblog continues to be 100 % free on a platform?" I responded to it, ... This weblog is actually still a 100 % free system, because I do not use this weblog for internet company. Even if it impacts the assurance of individuals in the things I create here is also not a problem. Once when I had a chance to get serious in internet company, then I would definitely use a compensated sector. Even if I do not need to use the web host blog writer.

Not so light headed we create the guidelines below:

  • Original or duplicate content?
  • Special niche or gado-gado?
  • Competition large or light?
  • Is the key terms or sub-topics that you want to awaken up?
  • Is the name of the URL is SEO friendly?
  • Is your recommended sector is 100 % free or paid?

Hopefully this content can help you to comprehend the threats of each choice you create. If you've made the decision 6 of the above, it's about a chance to go to Stage 2 of the 3 levels of SEO, the SEO Onpage marketing .
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