SEO for Health Niche: Difficult or Easy

Health and fitness websites are in competition now due to increasing demand of health related content. The keywords are also optimized for these sites and their research is also increased. As the number of people using inter increased up to billions, need of these health websites also increased. When Google wants to rank these sites they will need SEO experts because an expert level of SEO will be required to rank highly competing websites for health keywords. Before you analyze the level of difficulty faced by SEO experts have a look at few important aspects.

Ranking data for health websites:

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Due to a tough competition along fitness websites it is observed that not only websites want higher ranks for their medical product promotion but they also want higher ranks for a medical content website. Have a look at few features.

  • Companies that are in competition to promote their brand are sending a high mount on these websites. When they get higher ranks they will get this investment back.

  • Many medical service providers want to promote their services and private clinics and they are competing with one another. Search engines need to evaluate these companies and service providers and rank the best one of the top 1 position.

  • Websites that offer quality content should focus on the best ranked websites. SEO tools have ranked so many websites on top pages due to the quality of content they are offering to their customers. If a new website come in competition is extremely difficult to lower the rank of already high ranked websites.
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  • Google pays a special attention to rank health websites because information should not be spam. That is why higher ranked websites have .com or .Gov domain when you searched over internet. It is to save the health of people and preventing them from spam health and fitness websites.

SEO: Difficult or easy

Now, let’s come to a second point that is SEO for health niche is easy or it is difficult. As most of the websites that are ranked high are offering original content written by professionals and expert health persons but there is a shortage of these professionals. Search engine algorithms cannot rank those sites on top pages that have content written from unknown sources.

Another fact that will be observed and it is now common is to link your content to Google + profile. Most of the professionals can do this easily. This is to make sure that you are a qualified person for suggesting and providing health related tips. In near future it will be extremely difficult for search engines to rank health sites because they ranking will base on this Linking to Google + profiles.
marketing chart,
Whether you are having a health websites or you are planning to make one, you will need to focus on the quality of content and the information you are providing. You will have a chance to rank higher only if you are a health professional and have a good internet profile that is authenticated by Google.
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