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Freelance writing has changed a bit over the decades. It began as enthusiasts creating copy for hobby magazines, and amateur writers sitting in on government meetings for small-town newspapers to writing copy for the world of websites in an effort to draw users of search engines to a creator’s websites first. To accomplish this, it’s all about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) baby! Although the SEO theory has been around for about a decade, it’s still new to upcoming generations of freelance writers delving into the market to earn a little extra cash. Although there are many aspects to SEO, it’s not a difficult concept when you break it down to simple terms. Let’s look as the basics to SEO – what it does and how to create it, and put it in words even your grandma can understand.

What the Heck Is It?

Simply put, SEO is the promotion of a website to increase traffic to a website. This is done through website structuring, keywords on your website pages and the linking of other sites to a website page.

Why a Website Needs It

Some website creators disregard the whole theory behind SEO, leaning on the hope that readers will find their website among the thousands – even millions – out there. The broader a website topic is, however, the less chance you have of being spotted in a search engine when an online user punches in a topic relating to your site.
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Your site may be on page 3 or 4 of Google, Bing or Yahoo, while a site more SEO-rich may show up as number 1 or 2 on the options. A type of marketing, investing time or money (through the hiring of freelance writers with SEO specialty) can have a big effect  on the readership of your site or the profitability of your business or service.

How to Do It

Here are very simple steps to increasing the SEO factor in your articles on your site:

  • Make a list of keywords for your article – words people would use to look for information online related to the topic of your website
  • Incorporate the most important keywords into the article at the very beginning in the first sentence or paragraph. Be sure not to overuse them, as that can make an article seem pointless and elementary. Use them naturally throughout the content. Add the keywords in titles and subheads. Consider bolding or italicizing them.
  • Don’t forget to add hyperlinks into the article, or spread them on your website page(s). These are links to other sites that have in common the topic of your site.
  • Keep the other guys in mind, as well. Part of the SEO theory is to write content for your site that appeals to other site owners who, in turn, want to link or share it with general readership.

Adding SEO to your website marketing process will result in a definite increase in site traffic. Be patient – as readership will increase at a steady rate.

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Sheila Kurdinger loves to use coupon codes as often as she can to save money. She also enjoys spending time in the library and writing up articles. When not doing that, she also dabbles in designing infographics.
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