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In order to understand why having a quick website is important, check out these statistics: the average smart phone user will leave a website if it does not fill within 3 seconds; Look for engines now views web page rate a major consideration for google search engine rankings; 75% of internet surfers agreed that they would not return to a website if it did not fill within 4 a few moments.
Having a quick website is extremely crucial for staying alive in the modern era of web design. There is simply no room for slowly websites anymore.

Understanding Load Times

The fill or load time of a website is directly associated to the demand created on the hosting server to fill the website. The more HTTP demands created to the hosting server and the longer elements take to provide, the slower a website will be.
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Examples of HTTP demands are:

  • loading CSS style sheets;
  • loading scripts;
  • loading images;
  • loading HTML.

Another factor that plays into the fill time of a website is the size of individual information and pictures. Huge, high definition pictures can take 10x as long to fill as normal pictures and needlessly large information can significantly slowly down web page rendering.
The goal of creating a website quick is to make the website more efficient. We can do this through creating a series of adjustments to the coding, pictures, and layout of our website.

 Tracking page speed

We can track our page speed scores through Google’s Page Speed Insights for search and Yahoo’s YSlow. Google also has a page speed plugin that works great with Firefox when Firebug is installed.

Tools to Check Loading Speed

  • http://www.webpagetest.org/
  • http://www.webtoolhub.com/tn561353-website-speed-test.aspx
  • http://www.iwebtool.com/speed_test
  • http://tools.pingdom.com/
  • http://www.uptrends.com/aspx/free-html-site-page-load-check-tool.aspx

Combining JavaScript and CSS files

decrease load time,website load time,boost site's speedLoading multiple JavaScript and CSS information can kill a site's fill time. Custom CMS based sites that utilize plugins and theme features can often have 15 or more JavaScript information and just as many Cascading Design Linens. These Scripts and Design Linens can be combined into one large file each. Doing this will drastically rate up web page fill efforts and will make your visitors thrilled with your site's quick loading time.

Mobile website development

When building smart phone programs for smart phone users, it is important stick within Google’s webmaster guidelines for smart phone programs. While cellular sites and app listing is still a work in progress by Search engines, it is important pay attention to Google’s requirements for smart phone growth. Expect significant changes in the next 5 years for how Search engines indexes cellular sites and cellular phone programs. Don’t be surprised if web page rate is a significant consideration in Google’s listing of cellular website programs.


By making several adjustments to rate up our website, we nearly halved our website fill time! This can literally be the distinction between ranking on the first web page of Search engines or the 5th web page. It can also be the distinction between landing 200 clients and permanently losing 75% of your clients due to slow web page loading time.
Having a quick website is mandatory for success on the web. On the whole, it’s a good idea to maintain a web page rate score of 80 or higher on all pages within a website.
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