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We all know how essential it is for any webmaster to get that first place on Look for engines search web page (SERP). Getting the first place on Look for engines for the correct keywords and words can make any company website into a downline building machine.

The Online search motor, the most popular search motor on the planet, uses a variety of exclusive methods to determine the place that a website should have in their search engines. Although these algor
ithms are undisclosed, every now and then Look for engines shares some information about what you can do to enhance the placement of your sites. This process of improving your outcomes placement is called Look for Engine Optimization (SEO).

Doing SEO for your website is like trying to shoot a rapidly moving target. What worked fine and showed good outcomes last month or even maybe last week may, not only be obsolete today, but chances are that it could work against your place. So you have to be very careful when trying out the SEO methods that you would discover online, as obsolete methods might even get you banned from the Google’s index. So here we have a list of few things that are recommended by Look for engines itself and will most probably increase your motor place positions at least a little bit. More importantly, these methods will never hurt your existing positions.

Keyword Phrases 

When you are choosing keywords and words that you want to gain a higher place on Look for engines, always try to choose keywords and words than single keywords and words. Think about what you would type in Look for engines if you wanted to discover your own website. However, avoid using odd words and filling them into your material. Write for your audience, real people, not for Look for engines or any other search motor and your place will automatically go up.

Relevant content

High quality and original material can dramatically increase your place. However, for best outcomes, you have to create material that is appropriate to your company or your website's main topic. This will enhance the relevance and authority of your site in that particular niche. Also make sure to place a few keywords and words within your material. But try not to overdo it; Look for engines hates keyword and key phrase filling.

Keyword positioning

Keyword placement is also very essential. Try to place at least a few keywords and words above the fold. It is better if you can place them within the first passage. And even though there is a debate on how keyword and key phrase density is affecting google rank positions, it is always better to keep it below 3%.


Google has always made it clear that their methods favour the well organized and properly designed sites over the others when it comes to place. But there is another way that a good style could help your motor place positions. Look for engines also monitors how plenty of your energy and effort each guest usually spends on your website. A good style will always keep your visitors on your website for at least a few more seconds than a bad style. And keep in mind that they count period of time in milliseconds. If every guest that comes to your website usually spends a longer period on it than on the sites place above it, you will get a higher place the very next occasion someone uses the same keywords and words in their search query.
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