Harm of Multiple Websites and Copied Content

Concentrate on One Primary Url for your Business!

multiple websites,duplicate content,Multiple Websites and Copied Content harm

There are many legitimate factors for applying several websites for a organization. You may want to protect your organization name, or there's just some other websites that you would like to have. But when it comes down to promotion your website. Its always best to concentrate your time and effort into one main url. That being said, there are genuine factors for a company to have several sites.

The google do not want to see several sites with similar or the copy material. If you have two sites reflecting each other, this can cause problems and generally the google will choose one web page over the other as more essential, and there's no guarantee that they'll choose the site that you feel is more essential. It is quite easy for google and listing publishers to spot copy content/domains. It will only be a issue of your energy and effort before the sites are discovered, so you would be better concentrating all your energy into one sector rather than having it divided up amongst several sites.

If you have different items and/or solutions, then you may be able to  effectively and properly market two or more web addresses. Each website must have original material. In this case, you would not have the same product and/or service being offered on each website. If you are a outfits organization and you want to individual females and gents outfits into different web addresses, then this should be ok, or if you are a application organization, and you want to have each application headline on a individual url, then this is also appropriate. What you want to prevent with several sites, is having the identical material on each website. Taking the identical material, and posting it onto many different web addresses, will not really make it happen you want.

Invest Your Time and Cash Wisely!

If you have several sites designed for the same company, this is basically growing your time/money and initiatives over these sites, when you can be developing up one website investing money more smartly. For example, with backlink developing alone, if you have 10 sites that you are promotion with the same products/services, you could have 1000 quality hyperlinks distribute out over 10 sites, or have your one main website with these hyperlinks. This would help you in the lengthy run with your company keeping the concentrate to one website. This will help you be able to target the most competitive words in your industry that provides the most queries. Also with developing up one main website, this helps much of your website be that much more constant rather than having a SEO strategy distribute out amongst several sites.

What to do with the other websites purchased

If you happened to purchase other websites, great news you're not out of fortune. What you can do is place a 301 redirect on the other web addresses course-plotting them to much of your website. The code "301" redirect is considered as "moved permanently" by the google.

Chances are you have seen at once or another copy sites in the google. It is just a issue of your energy and effort before the google take out one or both of the web addresses is taken out. In the lengthy run, it just contributes more work for the organization and sets them back further to making their online advertising strategy a success.

So if you have several web addresses authorized, prevent using replicated sites for promotion your website. Instead choose one sector, and use a 301 redirect on the other web addresses. This guarantees that someone writing in one of the web addresses you authorized will still find your website.
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